249 groups of concerned citizens and environmental organisations, mobilised against the development in Europe of unconventional fossil fuels, are extremely worried about the recent developments regarding review of the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive, plans for a European UFF framework and also about transatlantic agreements and projects of the European Commission.

Update 29.01.2014:
The total number of signatures as per today is 414.


Please find below their open letter:

For the attention of: José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, & Commissioners from DG ENVI, ENER, CLIMA, ENTR, AGRI;

To European Council Members and national heads of state (Presidents, Prime Ministers & Ministers concerned);

To Members of the European Parliament.

Subject: Unconventional fossil fuels / Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive & other projects from the European Institutions

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A reply by the European Commission, Directorate General Environment, was sent to us on february 11.

It can be read here>>